Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Belated Goodbye.... (And Wow!!!)

Back in July I said a temporary goodbye to Marc and India.... I had promised to go back to work, while Marc really wanted to stay on in Rishikesh for longer.

Most of you will know that. I think I have been in touch with most of our families and friends. We have caught up a little bit, exchanged news and I have probably produced a thick wad of photos taken on our travels for you to browse through. There would have been a glaring omission from these pictures, though.

Just before I flew out of Delhi, we spent a day visiting the Taj Mahal. After winding our way through the dusty, narrow and noisy streets of Agra, standing in separate queues (one for women and one for men), being jostled and pushed around in the sweltering heat, everyone trying to squeeze through the bottleneck of security, we emerged into the relative peace of the grounds of the Taj Mahal. It seems impossible that anything this impressive or tranquil can exist in such surroundings, but it does....

The first sight of the Taj really is one of those 'WOW!' moments. No matter how far you may have travelled or what other glorious sights you may have seen, the Taj Mahal really has an impact.

Our traditional, long distance shots are good - but don't really convey how the white marble is gleaming in the sunshine or the true majesty of the place.

The close up views shows just how much delicate and skilled work went into the construction and decoration. All different coloured stones, each individually cut and set together to produce, what is in effect, a giant mosaic.

Pictures are fine, words can paint a picture, but neither do justice to this magnificent place. If you get the chance - go there. You will never forget it!